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Canada Based Sustainable Design Collective


Lost In Time

A Modern Twist on Heritage Craftsmanship

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Sustainable Design Collective

A sustainable design collective of fashion brands that are rooted in the notion of slow living. The brands share deep roots in craftsmanship while offering a design that's unique, contemporary and most importantly, timeless so it can be part of your forever.

Our Mission

Be A Part Of Your Forever

We wholeheartedly believe things should be made to last, should be produced responsibly, should be sourced transparently, and such things should be made easily accessible. We wholeheartedly believe together, you and I can create a better world one thread at a time.

Artisanal Quality

Focus on craftsmanship combined with high quality materials to create meaningful pieces that stand the test of time

Reduce Impact

Commitment to minimizing environmental impact through the entire product lifecycle from sourcing to distribution

Fair Trade

Commitment to ensuring people who create garments are compensated fairly and provided safe working conditions